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Your dryer has to be maintained properly to make sure you do not add dollars to your monthly energy bill and have a safe and secure home.  

A clogged dryer vent causes enormous lint buildup and if that reaches a close up to 2 inches of your dryer’s heater intake ultimately can ignite and create an extremely dangerous fire. If you don’t take care of the lint build-up immediately then you can be entirely in danger zone.

This little obstruction causes over 15,000 dryer fires yearly that are a result of  failure to clean the dryer vent. When your dryer takes longer and longer to dry your clothes it is time to get the dryer duct properly serviced. It will not only help reduce your energy cost and prevent the possibility of fire - it also saves your valuable time!!!

A lint clogged dryer duct slows the normal air flow and makes your dryer run longer to finish the cycle that can cost up to $20 a month extra in energy bill. The excess heat will damage your clothes, and increase the wear and tear of your dryer and puts your life in danger.

And if you think that’s in your case, you need to have it inspected ASAP! And need to call us now!

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Best dryer vent cleaning service

You will be surprised, but we can use the powerful suction of truck-mounted cleaning equipment to clean up your clogged dryer duct. Combined with rotary brush system we can get your dryer back to normal operation conditions. Does the dryer take too long to dry your clothes? Let the professionals deal with it. Give us a call now!


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The best investment you ever made.....

Ideal Security Lint Alert Dryer Safety Alarm The National Fire Protection Association research uncovered an estimated 16,800 U.S. home fires that involved laundry appliances in 2010 alone. Today, you can help protect your family from the unseen danger which caused so many fires by simply arming your home with the Lint Alert.

How can such a commonly used appliance like the dryer become dangerous? With every load, even when you clean the lint screen every time, lint makes it past the filter. That lint naturally builds up in the exhaust system and restricts airflow. The result is longer dryer times that waste energy and wear out clothes.

As the NFPA numbers show, exhaust problems create a very real fire danger. When you add a Lint Alert as part of your home safety plan, you’ll always know your dryer is safe and efficient.


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Call for Details (203)689-6898

Reg. $149 per/15 ft.

Dryer Vent Rotary Power Brush cleaning for up to 15 ft dryer duct. Includes laundry area vacuuming and optional connection duct replacement. Call for details.